Concierge Migration

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You want the beauty and power of ConvertKit, but the work to switch might seem a little daunting. We've got guides to help you through the process, but what if it could all be done for you?

That's where our concierge migration service is here to help!

Switching providers can be painful, but working together with our team can make it much easier. You'll still need to be involved to provide explanations and review our work, but it's far easier than doing everything yourself.

How to qualify

Consultants typically quote over $1,000 for this type of service, but we've decided to offer it at no additional charge! That being said, we offer the Concierge Migration service to any account bringing 5,000 or more subscribers over to ConvertKit (so any plan on or above $99/month).

How it works

Once you fill out the Migration Form, we will schedule an Onboarding Call to go over all the details of everything we will be importing into ConvertKit. During this call we will go over our migration process, next steps, answer any final questions, and set expectations of completion.


We'll replace each form on your blog with a ConvertKit form. If we have an integration with whatever provider you are using (OptinMonster, Gravity Forms, etc.) then it'll be an easy switch!

Email Sequences

We'll copy over each of the emails in your autoresponders or follow-up sequences so that your customers won't miss anything.

NOTE: It's usually best to let subscribers already in a sequence finish those up in the old tool while having all new subscribers go into the new ConvertKit sequences.

Unfortunately, there's no feasible way to stop your current subscribers mid-sequence, import them to ConvertKit, and start them where they left off.


We'll map all of your subscribers from different lists or groups in the old tool over to tags in ConvertKit. That means you'll no longer be paying for duplicate subscribers, but you'll still get whatever segmentation you had set up with your old provider.


As brilliant and handsome as we all are, migrations still take time. We average 20 migrations in the queue at any time, so saving your spot is super important.

Much of the timing depends on the number of lists (or tags), follow-up sequences, subscriber sources, and automations you currently have. We will be able to give you an accurate timeline during your onboarding call.

You should plan on one month of overlap between your current provider and ConvertKit. This allows us to make sure everything is fully-synced, reviewed, and approved by you.

One last thing. If you've scheduled site re-designs, product launches, or big promotions when you're in the midst of migrating your emails to ConvertKit, you're gonna have a bad time. This process can be time-consuming, and we recommend doing it in a month where you don't have any significant pushes for at least 30 days.

Let's do it!

To get started we've just got a couple steps:

  1. Create your ConvertKit account here (select at least the $99/month plan)
  2. Fill out our Migration Form below!
  3. Look for an email from us with information on how to set up a call and fill out the detailed migration form.


ConvertKit Concierge Migration

We're excited you're moving to ConvertKit! We'll do everything we can to make that move as seamless as possible. We just need a little bit of information to get this process started!
  • The email you used to sign up with ConvertKit.
  • How many subscribers do you plan on importing?
  • Where are you moving from? (i.e. MailChimp, Infusionsoft, etc.)